Purchasing PEP Products as an Individual

PEP-WEB Current . It is not yet possible to order access to the current content of PEP articles through PEP. You may contact the individual journal's subscription department who will give you access rights to their content on their own server and via PEP. See http://www.p-e-p.org/pepweb_currentinfo.htm

PEP-WEB Archive . To access the full text of the PEP-WEB archive (containing books and journals until 2003) you must have a subscription, which can be purchased online from this website. You have two options:

  1. Purchase an Annual subscription. To do this it is necessary to pay a one-time entry fee and an annual subscription valid for 12 months. The annual subscription is $135. The one-time entry fee for a new customer is $999 and will be added to your order, making it $1,134US. If you are a registered student or an existing customer the entry fee will be lower taking account of your past purchases (see http://www.p-e-p.org/pepweb_individuals.htm ).
  2. Purchase a 24 hour access pass (AVAILABLE FROM APRIL 15 2007). You may gain immediate access and print articles (but not books) from the PEP-WEB archive for your personal use only, for a 24-hr period only. The cost is $49.

All purchases are subject to PEP's Terms and Conditions which must be read and agreed to before completing the order process.

ENDNOTE bibliography download . PEP has prepared an Endnote file containing the full bibliographical references for all the books and articles in the PEP archive. This download is for use in the specialist ENDNOTE programme which scholars use to construct bibliographies at the end of articles or other works. It includes no text and is useful for no other purpose. PEP assumes users will be ENDNOTE competent and is unable to give support on its use.

PEP-Archive on CD . The PEP-Archive can be purchased outright as a CD product. See http://www.p-e-p.org/pepcd.htm. Prices depend on whether you have purchased PEP before.

If you are an existing customer wishing to purchase a Pep Product click here. You need to know your web username and password to access PaDS. If you do not have it email sales@p-e-p.org.

If you are a new customer wishing to purchase a Pep Product click here.

Purchasing PEP-WEB for a University or Institute.

For university access to PEP-WEB, to purchase a CD for anyone other than yourself or to reach PEP-WEB through a professional or practitioner group, please consult other pages on this website.

You cannot purchase PEP-WEB or the CD for a University or Institute online. Please contact Sales@p-e-p.org to explore your requirements.


Last updated 22/03/07